Closet Remix In-Person Service


Closet Remix: In-Home Styling

Are you feeling so overwhelmed with your overstuffed closet that you don’t even know where to begin? Do you waste time every morning weeding through things you don’t wear to get to the few that you do like? Are you local to the Chicago area?

If so, I’d love to come to your home to work side-by-side with you in your closet. I’ll analyze your lifestyle, determine your personal style and assess your lifestyle needs. Then, we’ll clean out your closet of the items you no longer wear and remix the best into outfits that work for your lifestyle.

We’ll sip bubbles, listen to your favorite music, and laugh as we turn your confusing closet into the wardrobe of your dreams. As we work, I’ll take pics of the winning outfit formulas and compile a list of items your wardrobe is missing so the next time you go shopping, you’ll be ready!