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The Value of Getting Help

The Value of Getting Help

My husband is a true “King of DIY.” He has taught himself every home fix-it skill from electrical to framing. He is an engineer, so I think it comes naturally to him to seek information, read instructions and follow intricate details with tons of patience. It’s painstaking and time consuming, but very budget-friendly.

We’ve owned our 1969 split-level home in the suburbs of Chicago for almost ten years. When we bought her, we thought she was move-in-ready and that we wouldn’t need to do a thing…except paint the bathroom cabinets. Well, one improvement led to another and over the past few years, we have tackled almost every room in the house—including a gut-remodel kitchen renovation when my middle child was a baby. BY OURSELVES.

Today, as I type this, there is a small construction crew installing flooring in our basement. My husband started working on the project to finish our basement almost two years ago. He has done a beautiful job getting it to this point, but it’s taken a LOOOOOOONG time. Trust me—I have been living in a construction zone! He told me that he knew he could figure out how to install the floors we chose, but he wanted to have it done right. And I needed it done quickly. So now, in ONE DAY, our two-year project will come to completion. HOLLA!

The Value of Getting Help on this project:

1) We had a professional consultation about the flooring we were choosing.We feel confident in our decision to purchase this material.
2) Professional installation. We know that the job is being done correctly by experts. If we have a problem or a question moving forward, we have a resource.
3) The job is done quickly. We are available to work and enjoy life instead of DIY.
4) The decision is made. Our brain power is no longer taken up wondering whether we hire out the job, do it ourself, figuring out how to do it, finding time in our schedule to complete the task, making sure we have all of the equipment to do the install, hoping we did a good job, and so on and on and on.

I honestly can’t tell you what a relief it is for both of us not to have to worry about this project any more! We are leaving it to the professionals and we couldn’t be happier! Sure, there is a financial obligation associated with this help. But, the emotional and time freedom we are gaining is worth it!

I want to compare this to how you might be feeling about something in YOUR life.

Is there something you worry about that takes up entirely too much of your time? Is there something that you feel stuck in? Something that you struggle with that seems to come naturally to others?

For some women, it’s nutrition where they struggle. For others, it’s housekeeping. Some need to hire a therapist or a personal trainer. Many families need additional childcare. Often, women just need a great haircut! I know that if I keep going down the list, there’s something you can think of that you could use help with…What about your wardrobe?

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Have you ever thought about asking for help? Or hiring a professional for help with your wardrobe?

Since I’m a personal stylist, I want to talk about how this story of my basement relates to what I do professionally. I make people’s lives easier by quickly changing what’s in their closet so they can focus on other parts of their life. I help my clients create a plan for getting dressed. I take away the stress of how to put together an outfit. I provide tools and resources and support…I HELP!

I know that getting dressed is something that everyone must do daily. And it is easy to DIY the project by hitting that Target Clearance Section and grabbing some cheap clothes.

I have had countless clients have tell me that they used to struggle DAILY trying to figure out what to wear. They knew that the clothing in their wardrobe isn’t quite right, but they continued to stress out and feel frustrated about what they were staring at in the closet each day. They made costly mistake after mistake buying clothing they didn’t need or that didn’t quite work.

After working with me, they understood what they needed to do and we tackled the problem together. I helped break down the overwhelm and systematize the process of getting dressed.

I have helped women gain the confidence to get promotions at work by upleveling their personal style.

Since I know everyone’s needs and budget vary, I have four affordable levels of HELP I provide. Each of these heading below is a link to the resource:

1) My free FaceBook Group. Join us and ask a question!

2) My $29 Seasonal Style Guide. This is a digital magazine that helps provide a framework for putting together a stylish outfit, as well as a shoppable list of resources to acquire new clothing that I’ve selected for the season. There is a Facebook Group to support you further!

3) My $50 Closet Therapy Session. Let’s chat on the phone for 45 minutes and work through what’s really going on with you. I’ll provide ideas and solutions to support you and make shopping and getting dressed so much easier!

4) My $250 Closet Remix Session. If you need more help, I can come to your home and work with you in your closet. We will edit and get rid of what’s not serving you, play with what you own and assemble new outfits, and create a shopping list to make it easy for you to get the missing pieces from your wardrobe.

Or, you could simply reach out to me and we can talk through what you are looking for. Sometimes, I recommend a Styling Box Service so they can help you get a jump start on updating your wardrobe.
StitchFix Accessible pricing and casual or professional apparel.
Trendsend Premium casual clothing from my favorite boutique, Evereve.
Trunk Club Premium clothing, great for professionals from Nordstrom.
Gwynnie Bee Excellent choices to rent plus-sized clothing for casual, work, and special occasions.

My point is that you don’t have to do this alone. There are resources for you. Instead of spending two years being frustrated with not getting somewhere on your own personal closet makeover, consider using a resource that will get you the results you are looking for with the emotional support you need.

Grab this FREE Capsule Wardrobe Guide to get some help from me in putting together the basics of a great wardrobe.

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