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Style Guide 101

If you’re reading this in real time (and I hope you are!), it’s May 1st and I’m launching the Spring 2019 Style Guide Today. It’s 18 pages of beautiful and stylish clothing that is on-trend and fun to wear.

I’ve spent HOURS pouring through my favorite online retailers to select items that I hope you’ll love. Whether you go through the guide and grab a new belt, or an entire new wardrobe, it’s meant to simplify the process of shopping and curating your closet for your current climate and lifestyle.

Here’s where mamas can get tripped up:

1) They think they need EVERYTHING. And they blow their budget. The idea is to choose one item from each category and PLAY with it! The more you can combine new outfit formulas, the less you need!

2) They don’t dedicate time to going through their own closet to take stock of what they have first. The guide is meant to work WITH what you already own.

3) They don’t give themselves enough time to go through the entire guide and they don’t buy a thing. Dedicate at least an hour to going through the guide and a second hour to deciding what you want to add to your wardrobe. Remember, I’ve done the legwork for you. Now, you just make decisions and check shopping for Spring off your to-do list.

4) They get overwhelmed with shopping and leave a bunch of full online shopping bags to expire without getting anything. Take time to create a realistic budget for new items. Many of the options I show are classics and will be available through the summer too. If your budget doesn’t allow for tons of new clothes, think about which items will really add the most OPTIONS to your wardrobe. ASK IN THE FB GROUP!

5) They forget to download it in 24 hours and they don’t have access to it. EMAIL ME if this happens! And, it’s available in the Facebook group. I know that the 24 hour thing is crappy, but right now it is now my website works..

6) They don’t join the FB group for support. I know it sounds like just another group to be a part of, but we post about sales and show how we are wearing our items. It’s fun and helpful. And only available in the month of May.

Above all, PLEASE ask for help. I know this doesn’t come naturally to lots of women. And, PLEASE read through the tips inside the guide. I tried to answer some of these concerns before you even get to the shopping!


Click this box on the  MVB Style Guides Page !

Click this box on the MVB Style Guides Page!

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