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Wanna lay on my virtual couch?

Wanna lay on my virtual couch?

I don't know if you follow me on Instagram, but I recently gave myself a new job title. One that, I think, really reflects what I'm doing at MVB Style. Go check it out HERE!

You see, I don't really consider myself to be a personal stylist. And I don't really want to help you shop online for new clothes. I KNOW! I can't believe I'm spilling those secrets to you. What I REALLLLLY love doing; what gets me out of bed each morning at 5:00am, what has had me giving free outfit ideas and lifestyle inspiration and loving support to so many of you for years, is that I LOVE changing women's lives.

I believe that when we work together to clear out the closet clutter that haunts you every morning, your life will improve. And it will be quick and drastic and way more valuable than you ever imagined.

Here's the thing. I know what may be holding you back from booking with me is that you don't want me coming to your house and poking around in your closet. I get it! I don't always love doing that either. (I'm really not a dog person.) So, what if I told you that my new Closet Therapy service is a 45-minute PHONE CALL that you can book online? I have availability during the day and some evenings and weekends. 

After you hang up the phone with me, you'll have a CLEAR plan of action for overhauling your wardrobe. You'll be inspired and motivated and held accountable. No matter if you are notyouridealsize/justhadababy/goingbacktowork/onabudget, whatever. I will help you find the closet clarity you desire.

CLICK THIS LINK TO SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION because you love your pal, Meg, and you're excited to have your life changed.

Stylishly yours, 

P.S. There are a couple of spots left for my Wardrobe Reboot workshop at Gathered Boutique & Workshop in Mt. Prospect on Tuesday, February 5th at 7pm. RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE

P.P.S One more thing! I recently updated my website. Learn more about my personal journey that led me to become a Closet Therapist HERE

Do You Even KonMari?

Do You Even KonMari?

What you wear doesn't matter.

What you wear doesn't matter.