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Feel Better Now

Feel Better Now

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My Top Five Ways to Improve your Confidence TODAY

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I shared on my MVB Style Facebook page some body positivity inspiration. I loved hearing from so many of you that the images were speaking to your hearts. Summer wardrobes can be challenging when we don't feel our best. I wanted to encourage you that all bodies are beautiful and when we embrace our imperfections, we will begin to feel freed from the self-imposed stress of "swimsuit season."  

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Five things you can do TODAY now to be happier with your body and style...

1) Wear a bright color!
Studies show that when you wear something bold and vibrant, you will begin to FEEL that way! Check out these colorful tees at Target to infuse something bright in your closet today. 

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2) Clean out your closet of anything in less-than-ideal condition (stains, rips, stretched, faded, tight)
It's hard to feel good about yourself when your clothes are ill-fitting and faded. You deserve to wear things that make you happy! If you have been holding on to items that are no longer serving you, it's time to let them go! Spend 30 minutes this week clearing out these unflattering pieces. 

3) Throw on some jewelry!
Accessorizing is one of my favorite ways to instantly take a look from ok to fabulous. I always feel more pulled together and polished when I'm wearing a few bracelets, earrings and a necklace. My absolute favorite jewelry is from Stella & Dot. I love the quality and price point of these gorgeous every day and special occasion pieces. 

Look how  these blue earrings  make a real statement with this orange top! Bonus, they are on sale.

Look how these blue earrings make a real statement with this orange top! Bonus, they are on sale.

4) Go for a walk and move your body.
I always feel more cheerful and happy with my self and my life after I exercise. If you are feeling down on yourself, try to fit in a walk! I've been loving my Apple Watch for counting my steps every day. I feel so accomplished when I get in my 10k! 


5) Grab coffee or wine with a trusted girlfriend and share your frustrations.
Sometimes all we need is a friend who is a good listener. I don't recommend having a total bitch session where you dump on her, but if you are feeling like you're doing everything you can to feel better and it's just not working...a chat with a friend could be the cure. Find a sitter or invite her and the kiddos over. Throw on a movie for the kids and pour your coffee. There's something magically healing about coffee and quality time with a girlfriend! 

The Countdown is ON!

The Countdown is ON!

If you do one thing this this!

If you do one thing this this!