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If you do one thing this this!

If you do one thing this this!

Happy FriYAY!

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It looks like the weather this weekend in Chicagoland could go either way...maybe we'll spend the entire weekend outside watching soccer and baseball. Maybe we'll be stuck inside with kids begging to play iPad! Are you ready to cheer or are you doing a rain dance?

If you have one second to yourself (and I REALLY hope you do!) between activities or in case of a rainy day, I have a homework assignment for you.

I used to be a teacher, ok? I know no one likes homework on the weekend and especially at the end of the school year. But, what if this assignment could change the way you feel about getting dressed on Monday morning? What if it made getting dressed faster and easier so you're not late to drop-off? (Again) What if it made you feel organized and accomplished and sexy? (I just threw that last one in there--lol!) 

Are you ready for that quick assignment?

I thought so.

Set a timer for 10 minutes (because this is FAST). Remove all of your winter clothes (any sweaters, velvet, corduroy, etc). Make two piles. Throw the ones you didn't wear/don't love into a garbage bag to donate. Nicely fold the ones you love and put them in a bin that you can store until the fall.

That's it. Now your closet is pared down and you can get ready in a snap on Monday.


PS. My Spring-Summer Capsule Wardrobe Style Guide is on sale this weekend for $9.50!

Feel Better Now

Feel Better Now

Where do you find great casual belts to complete an outfit?

Where do you find great casual belts to complete an outfit?