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Are you tired? Spaced Out?

Are you tired? Spaced Out?

Oh boy. I posted a pour-my-heart-out video about this topic in my MVB Style Insiders Group a few weeks ago and I got tons of questions and comments. There are so many women (moms, especially) in their mid-to-late thirties like me who have recently discovered they have underactive thyroid. I am excited to share with you some really great resources I've found.

Honestly, I couldn't believe that I didn't figure this out myself! Seriously. If you google my symptoms, it's pretty clear. But, I discovered it after I started working with a Functional Medicine Doc who ran a TON of tests. I'm really happy with my Doc, Laurie Goldman of ClearPath Wellness. I am grateful for the support of her team in this process. I don't think I'd be as successful as I've been doing it on my own. 
Here were my symptoms: 
1) EXHAUSTED. Like I could sleep 12 hours and still take a full nap and still wake up tired. 
2) Recurring sinus infections/colds. (Immune system is not working!) 
3) Digestive troubles (Gut health not optimal) 
4) Joint aches and pains
5) Really uncomfortable and heavy periods
6) Low libido
7) Brain fog (like serious spaciness) 

What else? I am sure there are more symptoms that I've forgotten because I feel so much better! I had been feeling crappy for months when I finally decided to bite the bullet and get help. What I discovered was a mixture of underactive thyroid and candida that lead me to start an elimination diet. You know, a "diet" that takes out all of the common allergens and when you reintroduce them after a month, you can see how they affect your system. So, no wheat, dairy, coffee, (those are the big three for me), sugar/fruit/dried fruit (candida thrives on it!). And NO CHEATING! 

Luckily for me, the week before I started the elimination diet, I was introduced to Kelly LeVeuqe from Be Well By Kelly. Her book Body Love is so easy to read and follow. It's full of great science behind why she recommends eating this particular way. Her REGULAR eating plan is exactly the way I needed to eat!

If you'd like some more info on Kelly, listen to these amazing podcasts! 

Kelly LeVeque on Instagram  I love her IG Stories! 
Rachel Hollis on the Dais podcast with Kelly (science of hunger)
The Skinny Confidential with Kelly episodes #67 and #98
The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes and Kelly

I start my day with her Fab4Smoothie and it's really grown on me! The idea is that it balances your blood sugar. So you aren't hungry! It includes a few crazy ingredients that I find on Thrive Market. I love the Thrive brand Acacia Powder, vanilla MCT oil, Hemp Pro Fiber, and Kabe's favorite chocolate coconut Primal Fuel Protein Powder)

This pic is from Kelly LeVeque's Instagram Account. And my daily smoothies look just like it!

This pic is from Kelly LeVeque's Instagram Account. And my daily smoothies look just like it!

Then, I have a big salad for lunch and some sort of veggie/protein stir fry for dinner. It's really do-able! 

This pic is from  Kelly LeVeque's Instagram Account . My salads aren't quite as pretty, but they are yummy!

This pic is from Kelly LeVeque's Instagram Account. My salads aren't quite as pretty, but they are yummy!

I also had to listen to my share of podcasts about healing your thyroid naturally! Here's the list: 

I started with the Balanced Bites Podcast and listened to episode#334 with Robyn Youkilis, #317 with Aviva Romm (bought her book too!), but my FAVE doc is Jolene Brighten on episodes #299 and #302. And also Melissa Ramos on episode #284.

This episode of The Wellness Mama Podcast with McCall McPherson was really informative. 

Dr. Amy Meyers is super famous in the Thyroid Healing World. Her book, The Thyroid Connection, was recommended to me by a number of people! I listened to her on the Ultimate Health Podcast, episode 119.

I'd love to hear from you if you are going through this too! What has been the most helpful resource for you? 

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