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Mom Shorts Roundup!

Mom Shorts Roundup!

I've done all of the painful research for you! These #momshorts are the idea length for running around after your kiddos this summer (or on Spring Break!) And, before you write this off saying "I DON'T WEAR SHORTS," please read my love letter to you below. XO 

Denim short roundup_ #momstyle (1).jpg

1: Madewell Denim Shorts Mid-rise 5" inseam
2: Target Crafted by Lee  Mid-rise frayed denim shorts
3: Kut From The Kloth Gidget 4" inseam
4: Target Universal Thread Mid-rise 4" inseam, dark wash
5: Kut From The Kloth Boyfriend Short
6: Anthropologie Pilcro Boyfriend Short Mid-rise, 6" inseam

Denim Shorts #RealLife Mama Chat: 
Ok Mamas. Let's chat. I KNOW you don't like wearing shorts. I have heard it from women of ALL shapes and sizes. I get it. Your body isn't "perfect." You "don't like" your legs. You have varicose veins. Cellulite. Weird fat above your knees. Cankles. I have heard it all! 

Let's try something new this short season. What if we ALL embraced our imperfections? If we are all in this together, the we don't have to be afraid! 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I was recently on an incentive trip with Stella & Dot. There were 300 gorgeous women (mostly moms) in swimsuits. Guess what? EVERY SINGLE ONE has cellulite (sorry, friends who were on the trip!). Many have stretch marks. I have both. And some loose skin on my stomach, regardless of how much ab work I do (or do not) do!

Let's all give ourselves a freaking break and WEAR THE SHORTS. Go buy some self-tanner if you want to make yourself feel a little more comfortable with your winter complexion. But, for heaven's sake. Don't feel like you have to cover yourself in pants, capris, maxi skirts, etc because you aren't happy with your legs. Let's all make a pact. Let's wear the damn shorts and be comfortable in the heat. Let's find the best ones we can for our bodies, even if it means trying on 100 pairs (hey, I did it!). Let's pair them with cute, comfy flat sandals and a loose tee or tank--don't forget the half-tuck. Heck, maybe even a fun hat! 

Let's let go of some of the inhibitions that keep us from enjoying the warm, summer months with our families and try something new. Celebrate and LOVE the body that you are in RIGHT NOW. It is the only one you get and you will get so much further with any improvements you want to make if you just embrace where you are today. (See my FB video about this, entitled "We're doing it wrong"!) 

Don't take it from me. Watch these TED Talks about accepting your body and loving yourself: 

Stop hating your body; start living your life | Taryn Brumfitt | TEDxAdelaide

Have you hated your body enough today? | Michelle Elman | TEDxCoventGardenWomen

How To Love Your Body | Sarah Doyle | TEDxHa'pennyBridge

What Comes After Loving Yourself? Advice from a Fat Fly Brown Girl | Yesika Salgado | TEDxCalStateLA 

Love Yourself | Shasparay Lighteard | TEDxYouth@Austin


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