Meet MVB


Whatever your size, budget, or stage of life — you deserve to feel AMAZING!

I'm a wife, mama, personal style expert, and creator of MVB Style. I don’t consider myself a fashionista, just a regular Mom who believes that feeling great it in whatever you wear is essential to living your best life. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to style, which is why I’m so passionate about working with clients to build a wardrobe that’s both empowering and practical. Whatever your size, budget, or stage of life - you deserve to feel amazing. When I’m not caring for my family or working on this business, I live for a great cup of coffee, an uplifting audio book or podcast, and a girls’ night out in the Chicago suburbs where I live with my husband and three kiddos.

I started my career as a teacher and then parlayed my love of mentoring into a successful Chicago wedding planning business. I loved helping women bring their vision of their wedding day to life. As I was planning weddings, I was also growing our family. After my third child was born, I closed my business and began living the stay-at-home-mom life. While I’m so grateful for those early years with my kids, that desire to help other women feel great about themselves never went away.

When my youngest was six months old, I started selling jewelry for a direct sales company at in-home parties. I loved meeting so many women and helping solve their style struggles. Showing women how to easily step up their everyday looks (while simultaneously stepping up my own look) was energizing. Soon after, I was asked to speak to a local group of Moms about how to find their personal style. Many of them shared similar problems: they felt overwhelmed by their closet. Their drawers were overflowing and yet nothing seemed to fit right or make them feel special. They struggled to find the time and money to make changes. Even those who were motivated often didn’t know how to get started. I could feel all of these crazy ideas starting to swirl around in my head. After I emerged from a rabbit hole of podcasts, blogs, and online courses, I never felt more confident that I had something of value to share with other women and other moms. So I built MVB Style as an online resource for women who wanted to make positive changes both in their closet and in their personal wellness journey.