In Person Services

Whether you'd like a complete overhaul of your #momstyle, or you just need a little help getting started, MVB Style has the perfect service to help give you the encouragement you need to feel fabulous every day, whether your day takes you to the boardroom or the playroom. 


Closet Cleanout 

Let's clear out all of the clothes that are weighing you down and holding you back in life. Consider this to be the wardrobe version of therapy!

First, you'll do a few hours of homework in preparation for our session together. You will go through your closet with a fine toothed comb using my helpful checklist and virtual guidance to weed out anything that is obviously wrong for you. You'll try on items, and pare down your collection. 

Then, we will explore the depths of your closet together for two hours. As we work through your wardrobe, we will remove anything else that doesn't work for you, assemble outfits that suit your lifestyle, and create a shopping list of items that you need to add. All with a chilled glass of prosecco in our hands! XO 

Virtual Closet Cleanout

Not local to Chicagoland? That's ok! We can work virtually through this process and get the same result! 


Shopping Spree 

Let's shop together! I know, I know. You HATE shopping! You don't have time and you don't know where to go and you don't know what to look for and you always buy the wrong thing or six of the same shirt because you liked the one and you need it in every color, obviously! 

Let's work through all of your issues by jumping right in together. First, we'll talk on the phone and assess your current closet situation. I'll share with you list of links to items I think you need to ensure I have your style pinned down. I'll teach you my SUPER simple formula for dressing yourself every day. Then, we will hit the mall for four hours together. I will pull outfits, mix and match styles and patterns, and help you see your full potential.

Concerned about a shopping budget for the day? It's up to you how much we spend, but my clients usually invest in themselves $1000-1500 for an entire overhaul of affordable basics. 


Mama Makeover 

Whoa, Mama. There is no better way to say it. You need a straight-up MAKEOVER. You spend all of your time taking care of your family  and making sure they have everything they need that you have forgotten about yourself. Enough is enough! You are ready to get back at it. Because everyone flourishes when Mama feels amazing. 

 I LOOOOVE makeovers! So, let's treat this like a full-on make over show. Pretend like you are on Oprah (You know you want to!). First, we will lovingly trash your closet. Then, we will go on a six hour shopping spree together to get you all of the new basics you need for your updated look. I'll show you how to pull yourself together with personalized style sheets for the five looks you'll wear the most.

Then, you'll get a blow out, make up application, and a mini photo shoot. You deserve it!