Hi! I'm Meghann VanderBaan--a personal stylist in Chicagoland and Mommy to these three cuties. I help mamas {re}discover their style and feel incredible about themselves after they've given to their families for years. Sound like anyone you know? ;) 

I hope you'll join my tribe of mamas who are ready shine. Personal style has the power to #CHANGELIVES. (And it's best when it's easy and fun and done with a friend!) 

Think about it. 
"If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." 

Picture a community of happy women who feel their very best. Who radiate joy and confidence. Who feel connected to one another and to their people. Who get noticed. Who inspire others. 

My mission is simple: I help moms {re}discover their style. I share fun and easy ways to #curateyourcloset and elevate your everyday look so that you can show up as your best, most beautifully authentic and empowered self.

So you can pour into your loved ones from the overflow of your cup. #rippleeffect 


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